OCTOBER 14–16, 2020

Healthcare & Fitness Integration Track Agenda

Healthcare & Fitness Integration track is designed for health club operators

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, health club operators are invited to attend six sessions specific to their concerns in healthcare integration at their clubs. Two of the sessions are case studies from club operators already integrating healthcare in their facilities sharing their success and challenges. Two of the sessions focus on technology’s role and concerns related to medical integration. One session explores how functional food can help members live a healthier life and mitigate disease states. The last session shares how to motivate people to engage in a healthy lifestyle.

This is the perfect day for health club owners, senior executives and mid-level staff to discover ways to transform their businesses so they offer more effective programs and more financially rewarding returns. We recommend that you also attend the Healthcare & Fitness Integration SUMMIT on Oct. 10-11 to hear about the issues the medical community is facing and how you can work with that community.

  • To attend the TRACK and the SUMMIT, buy a 6-pack (for $275 through Aug. 15, increasing to $350 on Aug. 16) Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit option (for $295 through Aug. 15, increasing to $425 starting Aug. 16).
  • If you do not plan to attend the Healthcare & Fitness Integration SUMMIT (Oct. 10-11) in addition to the Healthcare & Fitness Integration TRACK (Oct. 9), then you can register for a Premium Pass instead to attend sessions in other tracks on Oct. 10-11.)


Designing and Implementing Clinical Fitness Programs: Collaborating with Medical Professionals.

Wednesday, Oct. 9 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
This session will cover ACAC's experiences developing referral programs that have served over 50,000 enrollees since inception, creating meaningful medical partnerships, third-party reimbursement strategies, and technology solutions.

Janis Newton
MUSC Wellness Center Director, Medical University of South Carolina Wellness Center

Tatiana Baier, Ph.D.
MUSC Wellness Center Program Director, Medical University of South Carolina Wellness Center

Elevating the Member & Physician Experience Using Medical Fitness Technologies

Wednesday, Oct. 9 | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Leland Kaiser, a noted healthcare futurist, observed, “Everything great that has ever been built was first created in the imagination of the builder.” When translated, it means the leadership of a club needs to employ marketing tactics and operational strategies that will clearly make their club different and the user experience exceptional. This will result in the club being unlike their competition. Being different occurs by shifting management’s focus from how you organize and operate to what the customer will experience. Designing that unique customer experience and being able to effectively customize it for each customer gives your club distinction. Using medical fitness, interactive technologies and customer service in the program planning, facility design and the personal experience that each member receives will help you achieve the competitive edge of being different.

Daniel Lynch
President, VisionBridge, and Chairman, Medical Fitness Association

Driving Membership & Revenue Through Medical Fitness Programming - Case Study

Wednesday, Oct. 9 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

This session will cover ACAC's experiences developing referral programs that have served over 50,000 enrollees since inception, creating meaningful medical partnerships, third-party reimbursement strategies, and technology solutions. 


Chris Craytor President and COO, ACAC Fitness and Wellness Centers  

How Technology Can Reduce the Friction in Health Club Physician Referrals

Wednesday, Oct. 9 | 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Successful models of building the continuum of care between the condition-specific protocols delivered by medical providers and the general well-being of an employee population are finally starting to materialize. In this session, we will transcend the hypothetical and instead examine what is actually working in practice through case studies. The focus will examine how Active Wellness is using technology to drive programming that is referred in by physicians. This includes P.R.E.P., condition-specific like DPP, and general lifestyle interventions. 

Mike Rucker, Ph.D
Vice President of Technology, Active Wellness

Exercise Motivation Spotlight: Evidence-Based Strategies That Best Support an Active Lifestyle

Wednesday, Oct. 9 | 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Although the health benefits of regular exercise are well-known, for most people, motivating oneself to complete scheduled workouts remains a major challenge. As more healthcare professionals are encouragingactive lifestyles, it’s important to identify the most effective
approaches that build value for regular physical activity. Research indicates that the immediate, mood-enhancing benefits of exercise have greater motivating potential than knowledge of future health benefits. Effective strategies that increase exercise participation are crucial to
address our growing healthcare costs, especially because two major demographic shifts are taking place worldwide - average fitness levels are decreasing and population aging is increasing. This presentation covers the latest research on the strategies for exercise motivation
and adherence to an active lifestyle.

Dr. Karlie Intlekoger
Global Wellness Researcher, Johnson Health & Wellness