OCTOBER 14–16, 2020

Exhibitor Press Tips

Upload your latest launch or announcement press release!

Login on the Exhibitor Login page. Click the "Edit" button under Press Kits. There you can enter a title and insert a press release (you can copy and paste). Include a link to your website's full press page.

Promote your in-booth events!

Are you hosting a book signing, celebrity appearance or special event in your booth at the show? Upload your booth event to the Exhibitors hosted events page. Here was how to upload your event:

  • Login to the exhibitor portal
  • Go under contracts
  • Go to exhibitor hosted events
  • Fill out and submit
Here are a few other ways to maximize your Press Coverage

Below you will find a few tips to get the most out of your Press Kit

  • Be an early bird. Members of the press are already browsing the Exhibitor List, looking for exhibitors to profile. The earlier you get your Press Kit set up, the greater chance you have for exposure.
  • Focus your message. Your Press Kit should be clean concise and targeted to specific media members/outlets who would be most interested in your brand and products. Think quality over quantity and an opportunity to build a relationship instead of landing a singular story.
  • Differentiate. Don't just focus on facts and figures. Tell a story. What makes your brand/product different? What is something unique/unknown about it that would make for an interesting article?
  • Be green and hi-tech. Transitioning to an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is a great way to diminish paper waste. USB Flash Drives make for an easy giveaway and allow you to Store a variety of information about your company on them. The latest trend in Technology is QR codes because they can be scanned with any smartphone and will take people to your company’s website, a video, or anything else you may want to show them.
  • Be prepared to interact in person. Having a solid press kit is fantastic. Having a solid conversation with a media member visiting your booth is that much better! Refer them to the best spokesperson(s) for your company, ask if there is anything in particular that they're interested in, and be prepared to tell a good story.
  • Enhance your message through your social channels. Leading up to the Club Industry Show and while you are onsite be sure to maintain active social media presence in order to help you paint a fuller picture of what your brand/product is about.
  • Follow up. After the show, make sure to follow up with the press members who came by your booth or otherwise expressed interest in your brand/product. Building and maintaining a relationship with a media member/outlet can lead to future press exposure.
  • Good public relations results take time. Keep in mind that it takes time to garner results from your public relations efforts. By focusing on providing ongoing layers of communication, demonstrating your product/Industry expertise and sharing information that is genuinely useful you can gain valuable exposure and build lasting appeal.