OCTOBER 14–16, 2020

Call for Speakers

The Club Industry Show is the leading conference for fitness professionals. We are now accepting proposals for the 2020 conference, which is Oct. 14-16, 2020, at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, MO.

Submission DEADLINE: Jan. 15, 2020

Submit Now!

We are currently seeking proposals from expert speakers who can present sessions in an engaging and knowledgeable manner on the latest trends, emerging topics and valuable business practices to fitness industry professionals. We welcome experts from commercial clubs, non-profits, universities, hospital/wellness centers and other types of facilities to submit session topics that target trainers, group exercise instructors, middle management and executive-level management and owners.

What We're Looking For:

We're looking for new, innovative perspectives and solutions that reflect the evolving nature of our industry. Speakers are required to offer three take-aways for the attendees.

Presentations should share:

  • Emerging Trends
  • Innovations Transforming Our Business
  • Latest Best Practices for Operations
  • How New Technologies Are Transforming Our Industry

Please Note: Presenters are prohibited from self-promotion and promotion of their company. Presenter may not hand out marketing materials or product samples to the audience and cannot sell products or services onsite. The most common complaint we receive from attendees is when presenters pitch themselves or their services during an education session.

Presentation Requirements:

Submissions will be evaluated on:

  • the speaker's expertise and prior presentation experience;
  • feedback from attendees and track chairs about the speaker from past Club Industry Shows and other industry conferences (if the speaker has presented in the past)
  • the quality and appropriateness of subject matter; and
  • originality of presentation (preference going to sessions not presented elsewhere).

Submissions should:

  • include the key points that will be addressed in the presentation;
  • include a brief list of what attendees will learn;
  • be clear and concise; and
  • be no more than 1000 characters.

The Club Industry Show has a reputation for high-quality education and instruction. All presentations must be education driven and brand neutral. Selling a product or service in a conference session is prohibited.

By submitting a presentation, you agree to work in conjunction with the Club Industry Show conference team in regards to the presentation's:

  • title
  • description
  • track
  • content

The purpose of this partnership is to ensure that the presentation aligns with the overarching Club Industry Show conference content strategy.

Attention Vendors: Submissions from vendors will be considered Hosted Education Sessions (HES). Please submit your presentation as a Hosted Education Session. Vendors who submit under other tracks will be moved into the HES category.

Who Is Considered a Vendor?

Vendors are anyone who works for a manufacturer, software company, certifying agency or other company that offers a product, service, program or system for health club operators. Consultants who don’t sell a system, program or product are not considered vendors.

Presentations are 60 minutes each. Session titles and descriptions are subject to change in collaboration with the Club Industry Show conference team.


Our primary audience consists of fitness professionals in all job functions including but not exclusive to club owners/operators, fitness facility executives, general managers, sales managers, personal trainers/group exercise instructors at commercial clubs, studios, YMCAs, Kroc Centers, JCCs, parks & rec facilities, hospital wellness centers, university rec centers and military fitness centers. This audience seeks educational content that is compelling, timely, relevant, unbiased and interesting.

Session Topic Areas:

  • Leadership & Management:
    Topic should focus on how to be a better leader and how leaders adapt their operations to trends related to sales, marketing, retention, managing by the numbers, cost savings, staffing and facilities. (Note: Most of these sessions are developed by the track chair
  • Sales & Marketing:
    Topics should offer insights and real-world applications for marketing staff, sales staff, directors, managers and trainers for how to increase lead generation, membership sales and non-dues revenue sales for fitness facilities of all types.
  • Personal Training:
    Topics should focus on the business and personal development of trainers and creating better departments.
  • Programming:
    Topic should relate to creating the best programming possible for the membership base at each club and how programming can generate revenue for the club.
  • Member Experience and Retention:
    Topics should focus on ways to create a better member experience and increase retention, including improving customer service, creating rewards programs, developing better member integration programs, building relationships and learning how to measure retention rates.
  • Technology & Trends:
    Topics should share insights into the tech and trends that are affecting the fitness industry, how health club operators can adapt to each, and what the trends mean for the future of the fitness industry.
  • Healthcare & Fitness Integration:
    Topics should relate to how commercial club operators and others can move into the next phase of integrating their offerings with the healthcare community, providing better results for members/patients and more revenue for clubs/physicians. (Note: Most of these sessions are developed by the track chair.)
  • Non-Profits:
    Topics should focus on issues specific to running a nonprofit facility related to funding, board accountability, sales and marketing, hiring, programming, retention and other issues that may be handled a bit differently due to a nonprofit’s needs and requirements.
  • Franchises:
    Topics should relate to how franchisors can better develop their franchise business and deal with issues specific to those who have created a fitness franchise. (Session are for the franchisors, not for franchisees)

Benefits of Speaking at the Club Industry Show

  • Complimentary registration to attend all conference sessions and the exhibit hall
  • Recognition among your colleagues and visibility on promotional materials
  • Networking opportunities with attendees and exhibitors from every sector of the industry

Speaker Responsibilities

  • Speakers must agree to submit their contracts, bios, photos, videos and presentations by the agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Speakers must agree to help promote their session and the Club Industry Show through emails, videos, social media and/or other avenues.

Submission Guidelines:

Please include your complete contact information as well as a brief biography of the presenter (if you are submitting for the presenter).

All presenters must be listed in the proposal. No presenters may be added after the presentation is accepted.

When submitting your proposal, keep in mind the following:

  1. TOPIC AREA: Which topic area listed above does this fall under?
    • Name(s) of speaker(s)
    • Speaker(s) title(s)
    • Company/Affiliation
    • Address
    • E-mail
    • Proposed Session Title (please keep these short and catchy, 75 character or less)
    • Session Description (short 1000 character summary for website including 3 bullet point take-aways)
    • Name of submitter (if different from speaker)
    • Where speaker has presented previously
  3. MAXIMUM LENGTH: 1000 character

Timeline for proposal selection

Accepting proposal: November 25 - Jan. 6, 2020

Closing Call for Speakers: Jan. 6, 2020 EXTENDED TO JAN 15, 2020

Selection process: Jan. 7 - March 31, 2020

Session/Speaker notifications: April 1-15, 2020
You will be notified whether you proposal is accepted or declined.

Presentation Submission Requirement:

Presentation Deck Requirement: If your submission is selected, the deck of your final presentation will be due no later than September 28, 2020.


Visual presentations are not required, but if you choose to use slides, please note:

  • We use PCs in session rooms. Any PowerPoint or video for your presentation must work with a PC laptop. If you prefer to use your own Mac, it will be your responsibility to bring the correct adapter
  • There is no reliable Wi-Fi in conference rooms. Please make sure visuals and videos are downloaded or embedded onto your computer before presenting
  • Pads are not allowed for presenting due to frequent upgrades in projector adapters and software.


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