Michelle Blakely

"Club Industry inspires, supports and offers an opportunity to network every time I attend. I have made some incredible career contacts, and my experience attending various talks and keynotes have been game changing. I am honored to encourage others to attend theses valuable sessions as a Club Industry Ambassador." Michelle Blakely

My Club Industry Story:

Year after year, Club Industry has been a pivotal part of my fitness career and professional development. I am elated to share that each attendance inspired growth and important improvements on my path as a lifelong learner and repeat business owner. As an employee personal trainer, I recall learning the importance of communication and boundaries from an inspiring health coaching expert. She took the time to speak with me after the session and quite clearly resolved a recurring communication problem I was having with clients. I still use this advice today. Years later as a small business owner, I reached out to a speaker who helped me completely re-think my billing model, which ultimately was part of the inspiration that led to a brilliant future business project. Lastly, it is a tremendous honor to now be a presenter and exhibitor for Club Industry. The questions and conversations I enjoy with attendees are some of the most important and profound insights I experience. I am always delighted by the efforts of the Club Industry team and am grateful that I now have a chance to connect with colleagues in the way.

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