Greg McCoy


" There are a lot of ways to continually educate yourself as a fitness professional
these days: podcasts, videos, webinars, books, etc. All these mediums have
their place, but it’s impossible to replace an immersive experience like the Club
Industry Show. The week at the Club Industry Show is one of the most important
weeks of the year, and the things you learn in those days can keep you
energized and improving until it’s time to go back the next year.”

- Greg McCoy

My Club Industry Story:

I think a large part of my passion for fitness lies in a constant desire for self-improvement. I like that I get out what I put in. It’s no different as a fitness professional. If I want to be truly skilled at my craft, I need to put in the time and put in the time doing the right things. The Club Industry Show is one of those “right things.” My first visit to the Club Industry Show was so valuable that I knew I would never skip a year, and I haven’t since. After my first week at Club Industry, I had this overwhelming feeling of how much I didn’t know, and I love that feeling. I had worked hard on my business and felt like I was getting a grasp on things, but learning from the experienced presenters and meeting the industry’s top talent from around the country, I was so humbled at how much more to learn there really was. I took pages and pages of notes and spent most of the following year working on things I had learned there. Every year that I attend, I build on that knowledge base and increase my understanding of the industry and how to operate my business.

As a presenter, I’m thrilled at the idea that I can pass on the things I’ve learned in my 10 years of gym ownership and 12 years of personal training. While I put a lot of work into my presentations as an educator, I still attend the Club Industry Show primarily as a student. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the industry, it’s time well spent.

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