Integrating Wellness into Your Facility: The Whys and Hows and the Why Nots

  • Wednesday, 10/04/2017: 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Room: Third Floor, Joliet Room
  • Session Number:   B09


(Recommended for beginners in medical wellness.) The presentation will cover the historical perspective about how The Atlantic Club transitioned from a successful health and fitness facility to an even more successful  center that focuses on health and wellness as a medically certified  commercial club.

The session will:

  • Cover the change in language, accounting and view of your business
  • Share new programs that have been introduced because of our change in our business model
  • Reveal the new opportunities that are arising for The Atlantic Club and similar clubs in this business sector
  • Discuss how going into wellness does not preclude you from still operating a great commercial club—you can be both.
  • Provide an overview of our upcoming 12-18 month plan
  • Share with you a template of how to get started and the prerequisites that must happen before taking step one

After the presentation, each facility will have an understanding about the possibilities and the planning necessary to successfully enter this new market sector.

Educational Credits: 

AFAA 1 / ACE 0.1 / ACSM (TBD) / NASM 0.1 / NSCA 0 / NCSF 1 / NETA 0 / SCW (TBD) / WITS 0.5 Handouts



Kevin McHugh

The Atlantic Club