Less Medicine, More Health: Coaching as a Key Driver to Integrate Lifestyle Medicine into Your Fitness Facility

  • Wednesday, 10/04/2017: 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Room: Third Floor, Marquette Room
  • Session Number:   B07


During the past 300 years, healthcare in America has evolved into an exceptional acute care system, driven by the advancements in medical training, medications and technology. However, despite our exceptional acute care system, there has been a parallel advancement in lifestyle-related chronic health conditions that have dramatically impacted the wellbeing of millions of Americans and driven up the cost of care. As a result, within the past five years, there has been a renewed effort to revitalize our healthcare system with more of a preventive focus via the pursuit of population health initiatives. This presentation will review the current status and future trends of population health efforts and build a case for the inclusion health coaching in the primary care model and medically integrated fitness facilities for individuals with chronic health conditions. The Summit Medical Fitness Center’s Journey to Wellness Program for individuals with chronic health conditions will be reviewed and outcome data shared from more than 1,700 people who have been referred to the program. Finally, the importance of integrating an Exercise is Medicine strategy into all fitness facilities will be emphasized.

Presentation objectives:             

  1. Discuss the impact of health and wellness coaching on the health outcomes of people with chronic health conditions.
  2. List the key outcomes that reside outside the traditional boundaries of healthcare delivery.
  3. Describe how primary care physicians can refer to and work with health coaching programs at medically integrated fitness centers to facilitate health-related lifestyle change in their patients.
  4. Discuss why all fitness professionals working in your facility should become certified as an Exercise is Medicine professional.

Educational Credits: 

AFAA 1 / ACE 0.1 / ACSM (TBD) / NASM 0.1 / NSCA 0.15 / NCSF 1 / NETA 1.25 / SCW (TBD) / WITS 0.5 Handouts


Brad Roy, Ph.D.

Senior Executive Director
Kalispell Regional Medical Center