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Oct 22-24, 2014 McCormick Place Lakeside Center Chicago, IL
Leading, connecting and inspiring the fitness community
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ABC Financial

Club Industry Conference

The Club Industry Show provides a stellar conference program designed to help you in your business, inspire personal growth and provide insight into where the industry is heading.

There are many ways you can participate in the Club Industry Show Conference.  Purchase a single session ticket to attend one class, or purchase a 4-pack or All-Access Pass.  The All-Access Pass allows you to attend as many conference sessions as you would like. Select from more than 60 session! The only sessions not included in the All-Access Pass are the sessions listed as Special Events in the schedule. 

We have some great suggestions for sessions you may find valuable based on your facility type or your job function.


Group Exercise

Personal Trainers

General Managers


Studio Owners


The Club Industry Show has partnered with industry leaders to bring additional educational opportunities to our event.

Official Club Industry Bookstore

Sponsored by Human Kinetics

Hosted by Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics: The information leader in physical activity and health, providing quality resources for fitness and health professionals including books, e-books, continuing education courses and webinars, DVDs, online videos, and journals.

Level 3, Lakeside
Bookstore Hours:
Wednesday, Oct. 22       9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Thursday, Oct. 23           9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Friday, Oct. 24                9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


This year's educational lineup will center on the following topics:

Revenue Generation: Your gym is more than meets the eye. You can harness greater revenue growth by offering enhanced personal training programs, diet and nutrition consultations, wellness initiatives and other revenue-generating programs. The possibilities are endless. These sessions share practical programs and tools to help you discover the hidden gold mines within your facilities.

Programming: Get inspired! These sessions show you how to develop outcomes through programming for your demographic. From targeted program kits to original designs, Club Industry presenters teach you how to implement clever courses in your facility.

Health and Wellness: The importance of wellness programming continues to grow in every type of fitness facility. Our experts share their knowledge about wellness trends, programming and issues faced by fitness facilities as you reach out to the 80 percent of the population not already inside your four walls.

Sales and Marketing: Learn how to implement proven sales and marketing strategies that will help your business grow. Industry professionals and consultants share how you can serve your clients before and after they join and keep them coming back through traditional and/or social media channels.

Personal and Business Development: No matter where you are in your journey to success, these sessions aid you in your professional and business development. Learn how to grow in your personal development by improving your leadership skills and/or communications skills. Learn how to improve your business by creating more efficient operations systems that will lead to better customer service and increased retention.

Active Training Sessions: Get suited up and moving to learn some new methods. Our goal is for you to have fun while participating in hands-on learning in these interactive, lively sessions.

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