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Conference Track Descriptions

Track: Active Training Sessions

It's your turn to suit up and get moving while you learn new methods and perfect the ones you've got. Have fun together in these interactive, lively sessions. Audience participation required!

Track: Innovative Programming

Get inspired to develop outcomes-based programming for your demographic! From targeted program kits to original designs, learn and implement clever courses in your facility and beyond.

Track: Community Engagement & Marketing

Customer service is a proactive goal that can be extremely gratifying. But you don't have to wait for your community to become members before providing them with benefits. And you don't have to stop marketing your benefits to members once they join. Learn ways to serve your clients before and after they join to keep them coming back!

Track: Careers & Pioneers

No matter where you are in your journey to success, this track offers workshops to build leadership skills & aid in professional development. Gain tools that all great managers possess to help operate your business and manage your staff.

Track: Non-dues Revenue in Your facility

Your gym is more than meets the eye. You can harness greater revenue growth by offering enhanced personal training programs, diet & nutrition consultations, medical fitness, and wellness initiatives. Possibilities are endless, and this track can help you discover the hidden gold mine with resources you may already possess!

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